The corona virus pandemic ( Covid-19 ) that is ravaging the entire the world at the moment , calls for a great concern. As the entire world, led by World health Organisation (WHO) seeks to combat this deadly virus, we at Rossy foundation firmly commits ourself towards fighting the disease. We shall continue to play our role towards assisting the masses with food supplies and other necessary palliatives, to help alleviate the suffering of the masses at this very worrying period.
We call on both private individuals, organisations and governmental institutions to join hands with us and help the masses.Alot of people are really in need, especially in the developing / under-developed countries. 
There are several reports of civil unrest, looting  and starvation going on in so many countries. So many people are loosing hope of survival due to hunger and starvation. Many families have children who are hungry. We must help these people out, to avoid further disaster caused by hunger and starvation in these countries.

No contribution is small in saving a live from hunger as a result of the general lockdown.

Let us also always remember to be careful, follow government health instructions and respect the social distancing rules.Stay safe and stay healthy.

Message from:  Rossy Foundation Germany.