We Are Focused On Healthcare, Education And Empowerment.

We focus on certain models for our  intervention programmes,such as situation -driven mechanisms, public-private partnerships and building educational-training infrastructure that supports and enlightens the masses and in return, integrates them into national systems. Rossy Foundation aims  to incubate initiatives and social enterprises that addresses  critical educational  gaps, workforce development and improvement of  health care systems for the people. We ensure that we integrate people at the Urban and grassroot levels.  

Our Vision

HEALTH: Adult and child health care, providing health care facilities and assistance for the aged,as well as combating malaria in affected regions.

EDUCATION: Assisting the less privileged with quality education, providing scholarships where necessary, and sharing of learning materials to the less priviledged.

EMPOWERMENT: By empowering the people, we intend to help them in acquiring some skills which will definitely make them to be self-reliant in times of umemployment situations in their countries. By acquiring some skills, the people will also contribute to national developement of their countries and also be able to provide employment opportunities for other people in the future. We intend to be encouraging and  assisting interested people achieve their desired skill acquisition in different fields of human endevour.


Rossy Foundation  is based in Germany but its programs, including its social works, are purely centered, primarily to serve communities  in several African and carribean countries.  We are currently working with partners and volunteers from these countries to ensure that we achieve our aim of affecting humanity positively.

We are working very hard to improve our outreach to several African countries as quickly as possible as well as extend our  mission  at a global scale to Carribean countries where urgent help is highly needed . We do hope that with high level dedication and commitment,our presence  shall definitely be felt in several countries around the world, where we can help continually to promote quality education,good health care and empowerment of the masses